U.S. Open: Cornet not in violation

In effect, U.S.Open officials on Wednesday acknowledged being embarrassed that anyone should have been embarrassed by Alizé Cornet’s thoroughly reasonable wardrobe function during her Tuesday match. Cornet, a 28-year-old veteran playing in her 51st major tournament, had just returned from the 10-minute cooling-off period provided by the Open’s Extreme HeatPolicy. She was about to start the third set against Johanna Larsson on outer Court No. 13 shortly after noon in mid-90s heat when she realized that she had put her fresh shirt on backward. So she turned her back on the court and stripped off the shirt, worn over her sports bra, to quickly reverse it. And was startled to hear that chair umpire Christian Rask was assessing her a code violation. “Violation for what?” Cornet said. “Really?” The violation amounted to no more than a warning. It did not trigger a fine nor cost Cornet a penalty point, and theoretically didn’t impact the match.