Trump visits Paris; French President wants to form a “true European army”

French President Emmanuel Macron last week called for the creation of a “true European army.”

The comment follows mounting pressure from the Trump Administration for NATO members to spend more on defense.

“When President Trump has to protect or to defend one of the states of the United States, he doesn’t ask France or Germany, or another government of Europe to finance it,” said Macron. “That’s why I do believe that we need more investment.”

Europe is also experiencing increased rates of terrorism and crime (following the influx of Muslim refugees) while coming to grips with the implications for Europe following Trump’s decision to pull out of the JCPOA and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

At the same time, Europe is faced with the knowledge that Washington is more concerned with the South China Sea conflict than defending Europe.

President Trump was among several world leaders to visit Paris last week to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI.

Trump spoke directly with President Macron inside the Elysee Palace, assuring the French leader that America would continue taking part in global military alliances like NATO as long as all members were able to do their part.

“Right now the burden sharing has been largely on the United States,” said Trump, adding that Macron “understands that the US can only do so much.”

Trump and Macron also discussed the recent murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and agreed to pressure Saudi Arabian authorities for answers.