Now that your kids have left for school, why not earn a continuing education certificate?

It’s never too late to ignite your curiosity

The day a child leaves for school can bring on a wide variety of emotions for most parents. Initially, a sad and lonely feeling can creep in at the thought of your home now being an “empty nest”. But after that feeling has subsided, you’ll find out that you have more time on your hands to pursue some of the things you had left on the backburner for all of those years. Why not take this opportunity to go back to school as well to advance your career? Here are some continuing education certificates that you can earn with all of the extra time on your hands.

Continuing education certificates – Become a translator

Do you know a second language but wish you could tighten up your handle on it? If you do, completing a continuing education certificate like the one offered by New York University in Translation Industry Essentials. This certificate will help you to hone your language skills to be able to navigate professional translations in the language of your choosing for such fast paced industries like finance, commercial, and law. Of course, you will need to pass a translation admissions test to make sure you can handle the coursework of this program. Once you do, you will be required to finish this program in three years — giving you ample time to balance your work and school schedules.

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Continuing education certificates – Hone in on your artistic side

While many empty nester parents pick up hobbies like learning an instrument, painting, or building a miniature ship in a bottle — don’t knock it until you try it — the prospect of earning a continuing education certificate in the arts may be the furthest thing from most parents’ minds. Well, now that you can truly give these passion projects your full attention, you can finally choose to take these pursuits a little more seriously even helping you find a career in the world of design.

The Massachusetts College of Arts and Design offers multiple continuing education certificates that are designed to help working adults pivot into more artistic careers. With programs such as fashion design, graphic design, industrial design, and even furniture design — MassArt has a wide spanning and amazing continuing education program to help you get back into the game. Who knows, maybe having your kids leave for college was the best way for you to ignite your passion for the creative arts?

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