Lyft All-Access Plan arrives across the US

Whether it’s for food delivery, makeup or Netflix and chilling, we Americans love our subscription services. And now, Lyft is getting into the mix with the arrival of Lyft All-Access.

Starting Tuesday, Oct. 16, Lyft users across the United States will be able to subscribe to the Lyft All-Access Plan, which locks in 30 rides at up to $15 each for a $299 monthly charge. The subscription also enables them to receive 5 percent off of additional rides.

“This is the first ridesharing subscription model that allows you to access rides like you would subscribe to Netflix,” a Lyft official told Metro. “What’s been offered by competitors in the past is a limited-time offer that expires at the end of a certain time period and/or has very limiting restrictions on use.”

 Comparatively, Uber’s “ride pass” offers set prices for rides between two locations of your choosing for a one-time activation fee. That service is still in a limited, invite-only beta testing for Uber users.Lyft All-Access had been in an invite-only pilot for select Lyft users for the past year, the company representative said, but as of Tuesday, Oct. 16, it’s officially rolling out for all passengers across the United States.

However, “it cannot be shared between accounts, but can be used for our shared rides option,” the official said.

Lyft Line, Lyft’s share-the-ride feature, has grown by 103 percent over the course of past year, especially in New York City, its regional General Manager Vipul Patel told Metro earlier this year. Lyft Line users share vehicles with other passengers who are traveling in the same direction and can pay up to 60 percent less for doing so.