Judge swings bat since injury

Aaron Judge hit off a tee Monday morning, the first time he’s put bat to ball during his rehab. More significant the rightfielder, on the DL with a chip fracture in his right wrist since July 27, for the first time in that rehab described the wrist and didn’t use the word “pain.” “That was a good sign, I really didn’t feel too much on anything,” Judge said. “It’s still broken, so there is some soreness that comes with that, but for the most part I’m feeling great.” While no doubt a positive step — Aaron Boone called it “very good day” — what isn’t clear is what Monday’s news means in terms of a time frame for an actual return to games as there is a large gap between hitting balls of a tee and being big-league ready. Which Judge acknowledged when asked if he had an idea of when he might be deemed ready to face live pitching. “We don’t know that yet,” he said. “Hopefully if we just keep moving in the right direction, hopefully before the season’s over with I’ll be in some games. So we’ll see.” Judge took 25 dry swings with a bat Monday morning, something he’d done previously, then took 25 swings off the tee.