Goatface hopes to do more after its first Comedy Central special

By now, everyone with a Netflix subscription or at least some working knowledge of stand-up comedy knows who Hasan Minhaj is. The former The Daily Show correspondent released one of 2017’s most acclaimed comedy specials with Homecoming King, and now he’s releasing new episodes of Patriot Act every week. Yet before all of this came about, he created sketches with fellow comics Aristotle Athiras, Asif Ali and Fahim Anwar in the group Goatface.

Goatface comedy troupe talks Comedy Central special

On Tuesday, the four friends will reunite for Goatface: A Comedy Special on Comedy Central, which sees the former YouTubers making their television debut. While this all might seem new to general audiences, however, the troupe has been working together off and on since 2011. And as Athiras, Ali and Anway explained it in a recent interview with Metro, they won’t be stopping anytime soon — no matter how busy everyone gets.

“We’re very excited about where this is going to go,” says Ali, who adds that they’re especially “interested in seeing how to public reacts to” Tuesday’s special.

“It will be nice to get some fresh eyes on it, too, because we’re so close to it,” notes Anwar. “It’s hard to laugh after saying the same thing 100 times, so it’ll be really cool to see it for the first time in other peoples’ eyes.”